Published 10/04/2015
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New records reveal rapid geographic expansion of bombus terrestris linnaeus, 1758 (hymenoptera: apidae), an invasive species in argentina

B.Geslin , C.L.

G and CLM are very grateful to Colleen Seymour for proofreading the manuscript. BG thanks CONICET and the Bernardo Houssay program for funding and Samuel Arnoux, Clement Donnerh, and Floriane Flacher for their help in the field and for proofreading this manu-script. CLM thanks to PICT 2012-3015 and CONICET for funding and to the staff of Los Glaciares National Parks and the National Parks Administration of Argentina for permanent support. Finally, BG and CLM like to thank the three reviewers and the editor that helped to improve the manuscript. LITERATURE CITED Abrahamovich, A. Distribucion geografica de las especies del genero Bombus Latreille en Argentina. Abrahamovich, A.
Bombus terrestris Linnaeus is an invasive bumblebee in Argentina. Since its first record in March 2006, B. terrestris has rapidly become the most widespread species in the southern Argentina's Patagonia. The explosion of B. terrestris populations has been associated with the rapid decline of the unique native species B. dahlbomii, Guerin-Meneville. However, B. terrestris had never been yet reported farther south than the 50 parallel. We report for the first time the presence of B. terrestris at the southern end of continental Patagonia and discuss its meaning with regards on potential consequences for B. dahlbomii populations.
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