Published 11/07/2016
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Experimental and numerical analysis of thermal striping in automotive brake discs

F.Hild , L.Augustins , R.Billardon , S.Boudevin

On bench tests and even in particular real conditions, a crack network in the form of radial cracks may appear after a low number of brakings without necessarily propagating toward the outer or inner radii or resulting in complete disc failure. THEORETICAL APPROACHES Early studies devoted to the analysis of thermal striping were developed in the field of metal forming, where molds are subjected to alternate heating and cooling conditions.
In the present study, thermal striping development on friction bands of brake discs is investigated through an experimental and numerical analysis. A test consisting of a series of several hundred severe brakings was carried out on a specific bench at PSA Peugeot Citroen. The experimental observations of the crack network evolution and a numerical analysis of a brake disc with a single crack helped to propose a macroscopic criterion capable of predicting the criticality of the network, namely, its ability to lead to the complete failure of the structure. In addition, a numerical analysis of the crack shielding process is developed whose results are compared with experimental findings.
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